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Corporate Services

Like most successful businesses, we believe in the value of working hard and playing hard. We thrive on partnering with our corporate clients to help them do just that while achieving the success they deserve.

At Foray we take pride in building a strategic partnership with our corporate clients. We take the time to understand your brand, corporate culture, and short and long term goals. That way, when we curate your business events and experiences we are part of the team, working with you to achieve your specific goals. Continue reading to learn more about our service offerings, and don’t hesitate to contact us to chat about your business needs.

Meetings & Events

In the business world, nice lunches and cocktail hours are a dime a dozen, but when was the last time you attended an event that truly made an impression on you? We work hard to raise the bar and ensure that your business events are memorable for all the right reasons.

Allow us to focus on what we do best – planning and organizing every minute detail – leaving you free to focus on what you excel at – promoting your business and nurturing your team. While we can’t guarantee you’ll secure the deal, we can guarantee that when you book any corporate event with us, whether it’s to entertain clients, attend a meeting, or organize a team retreat, we’ll take care of every last detail to make you shine.

From travel logistics, to venue selection, catering, sourcing speakers, and more, we’re here to help with just one aspect or take care of it all – you tell us!

This is one of our sweet spots. We’re here to oversee every aspect of your successful retreat, including suggesting spectacular venues and hotels that will best meet your needs and wow your employees. We work closely with you to understand exactly what you aim to achieve during the retreat and will create a detailed itinerary that reflects that. You can trust us to manage all aspects of retreat planning, from sourcing speakers and facilitators to organizing team building activities, culinary experiences, and more. Once again, our long-term experience and network of contacts across the travel and hospitality industries gives us a unique edge when planning corporate retreats.

Well deserved and much anticipated, our incentive trips will exceed all expectations. We pull out all the stops to ensure that your employees are still talking about it for years to come. Whether it’s a local weekend or a week abroad, we work with you on every detail of the trip, from budgeting and venue selection to exclusive excursions, gifts, and special amenities.

From shareholders to board meetings, we scope out and arrange venues, accommodations, restaurants, catering, IT professionals, activities and more, depending on your specific goals and needs. Our clients often call on us to provide a personalized service for visiting VIPs, board members and prospective clients. We do our research, note client preferences, and provide the highest level of personalized service. We go above and beyond to guarantee that your VIPs have everything they need and that you and your company shines through in the process.

All too often, companies spare no expense with recruiters but neglect the finer details of the candidate’s visit to the office and the area. When candidates arrive in an unfamiliar city that they might potentially be moving to, why not impress them with a personalized service that could ultimately close the deal and pay dividends? Foray goes beyond the standard details of booking travel and accommodations to include a sightseeing tour or a unique experience to introduce the candidate to the area. The investment in this personalized service is small compared to the rest of the recruiting process, but we know from past client feedback that the impression it leaves can make all the difference in the world.


Corporate Travel Programs

You’re smart to seek advice when it comes to determining the best corporate travel program or policies for your growing company. All too often we see start-ups spending too much money on travel without reaping the rewards available to corporate clients who implement the right programs and policies. Investing in a travel consultant to create a travel program will pay immeasurable dividends. Contact us today for a complimentary meeting to discuss your needs.

HR Perks

Competition has never been more intense when it comes to hiring (and keeping) key employees. As part of our Foray For Work program, one of our most innovative services is a vacation planning service as a perk for employees to be able to fully enjoy their hard earned time off without any added stress. The average person spends a minimum of 40 hours planning and researching a vacation. Corporate benefits like gym membership, on-site cafeterias and shuttles are commonplace, so why not offer a perk that will keep your employees (and their families) happy? While we plan a bespoke vacation for your employees, based on their personal requirements, they can focus on more important things, like growing your business. It’s a win-win!