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VIP Hotel Reservations

Why book with Foray?

This will change the way you travel.

Booking your next hotel stay has never been easier – reach into your pocket, make a few taps on an app, and voila! You’re ready to go. So why would you do it the way your parents did back in the day before we had 24/7 access to travel apps, and call a travel advisor to do it for you?

Great question! And I have to admit that before I launched my career in the travel industry, I had no idea this about this either. But if you enjoy staying at the world’s best 4 and 5-star hotels across the world, you’re about to be let in on a little secret that will change the way you travel.

Exclusive Perks through Foray

In short, Foray is a member of an elite travel association called Virtuoso which includes over 3,000 highly vetted hotels as members as well (plus airlines, insurance companies, tour operators, car rental companies, and anyone else who could be involved in the trip planning process!). As part of our partnership, these hotels offer a standard set of complimentary perks to Foray’s clients, when you book your hotel stay through us. These include:

  • Room upgrade on arrival
  • Daily breakfast for two
  • $100 hotel credit for the restaurant or spa
  • Early check-in/late checkout
  • Welcome amenity
  • Often more depending on the hotel, such as a special meal, airport transfers, etc.
  • VIP list

Depending on the hotel, breakfast for two is often worth $50+ per day and the room upgrade could be worth hundreds of dollars per day. It’s safe to say that for a weeklong stay, just by booking the same hotel with Foray instead of Expedia or similar, you could be gaining perks worth well over $1,000. Ready to book? Let us know here!

VIP List

The VIP list is one of those intangible benefits that you really can’t get anywhere else, and certainly not when you book on your own. Every time we book a guest at one of our partner hotels, we directly notify the hotel management to expect you. We tell them your preferences, what time you’ll be arriving, and personal information like food allergies that will allow for the most seamless and personalized experience for you. We follow up several days prior to your stay to ensure that if an upgraded room is available, that you’ll be the first guest in line to receive that.

A little insider fact we can share with you is that hotels have a hierarchy when assigning rooms to guests who are checking in. Because at Foray we have personal relationships with hoteliers and General Managers, and are directly communicating with them regarding your stay, you are first in line to receive the best possible room that the hotel has available! When you book using a website, the hotel has no information about you other than your name, and no reason to offer any special perks compared to the thousands of other reservations they receive the same way.

We Make it Personal

Sometimes clients are able to receive similar perks like daily breakfast, a possible room upgrade and early check-in with their American Express cards. Although it looks similar on paper, American Express will never match the service we provide. When you book with American Express you’re still an anonymous traveler calling into an 800 number. The American Express agent doesn’t have personal relationships with the hotel management like we do, and will not follow up with them to ensure that your room will be ready at the time that you arrive or that you’ll be first in line for an upgrade. Our personalized service is what makes the difference, and we’re able to offer it by working with a small number of select clients instead of thousands calling into a call center. And that’s the way we want to keep it!

Want to get a quote for your next hotel stay? Email us here and we’ll respond ASAP!

Our Offer

If you’re planning a stay at a 4 or 5-star hotel, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a complimentary quote for your stay!

Not sure yet exactly what destination or hotel is right for you? Consulting is our sweet spot – we love nothing more than asking all the right questions to get to you know and your travel style, and offering up the best experience just for you.

A complimentary 30 minute call with us will save you hours and hours of searching and reading reviews, and on top of that we’ll get you all the best perks! Contact us to schedule it now.

Amangiri in Utah

From world famous destination hotels like Amangiri to boutique off the beaten path inns, to the Four Seasons in Bora Bora, you will experience a new level of travel when you book with Foray.