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Our Services

We fully understand that our clients, both personal and corporate, want to feel, touch and identify with any experience before they commit, and we can help with that. Every booking begins with a chat with one of our dynamic expert team members. We want to understand your dreams, goals and travel objectives so that we can create a personalized itinerary that meets and exceeds all your wildest expectations. Our extensive first-hand experience, combined with an unparalleled network of personal contacts in dozens of countries worldwide, enables us to create bespoke travel experiences that are tailor-made to satisfy your individual whims, hopes and desires.

For many of our clients, time is their most precious asset. You call on experts for advice in other areas of your life, so why should travel be any different? Our personalized travel design service combines years of personal know-how with miles of global travel so we can deliver a detailed itinerary that covers everything from ticket and travel to cultural tips and unique accommodation. As we build your personalized travel itinerary, we’ll suggest some unexpected add-on experiences using our personal contacts and first-hand globetrotting knowledge.

So fasten your seat belt, discard your inhabitations and prepare to explore this amazing planet with us. There’s just one warning… travel can be highly addictive!

Foray provides full-service travel and event design and a la carte consulting for corporate and private clients.

If you’re looking to create an absolutely customized experience for a special family member, customer, employee, friend, or even to treat yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Our sole mission is to help our clients thrive by helping them use the power of uniquely customized experiences to achieve their goals.

Travel agencies may be a thing of the past, but at Foray we believe good personal service and first-hand travel knowledge will never be obsolete. We provide a bespoke full-service travel and event consultancy that has one key attribute that our clients appreciate – personal travel experience.

Whether you are seeking wellness, adventure, business success or romance (or you’re not sure what you want!) there are no limits to our creativity and dedication to making it happen. Whatever the request, we expertly curate and execute everything from planning a family reunion in Mexico or a honeymoon in the Seychelles to a corporate team retreat in Lake Tahoe. Each step of our planning process is designed to inspire, push boundaries, and deliver the ultimate one-of-a-kind experience.

Click the photo on the left to learn more about our leisure services, and the photo below to learn more about our services tailored to corporate clients.

Corporate Services