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Journey to The Island of the Gods

There’s something about Bali that enraptures visitors and brings them back again and again… and again. Including us at Foray! Everyone in Bali talks about it, but no one can seem to pinpoint what exactly is that je ne sais quoi that captures the hearts of visitors to Bali.

The bustling island in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago has something for nearly everybody. From boutique private villas, to stunningly luxurious clifftop resorts, to ecolodges in sacred jungle river valleys, it’s easy to satisfy everyone’s desires and sample a piece of each part of the island. Stay in the trendy, energetic Seminyak district to enjoy world-class restaurants, thumping nightlife, and endless miles of chic boutique shopping dotted with healthy tropical cafes. Or spend a day or two in an up and coming hipster’s paradise, the neighboring town of Canggu where gorgeous surfers and digital nomads from all over the world flock to chill out and sip fresh coconuts at Instagram-worthy beach bars as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean.

And when you want to get away from it all, head just an hour north to the legendary spiritual oasis of Ubud, which may be the world’s epicenter for yoga, holistic healing, spas, and wellness seekers. This serene town set in the hills of Bali amongst gobsmackingly beautiful ridges of rice fields is home to over 200 spas, one of the top 20 ranked restaurants in all of Asia, dozens of yoga and meditation retreat centers, and friendly locals who are happy to share their way of life with you. Adventure seekers will also love Bali’s waterfalls, canyons, surf beaches, and volcanic treks.

Bali’s versatility makes it an attractive destination for families, honeymooners, or solo travelers. It’s also highly affordable – the average tourist in Bali stays in a private villa with staff, often including a private chef, and hires a private driver at very affordable rates. We’ve spent months living in Bali and have a team of trusted local contacts who will welcome you with true Balinese hospitality and ensure that you fall in love with Bali as hard as we did.

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