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The Land of Fire and Ice

From time to time, it seems that everyone you know is venturing to the same destination, one after the other. For the past several years Iceland has been the “it” place to travel, fueled by a bevy of low-cost flights from convenient hubs across the United States and Europe, and tales of other-worldly scenery. Iceland is indeed unlike any other place on earth that we have visited. Known for its stunning geography, Iceland features glistening glaciers that you can practically hike right up to, waterfalls around literally every curve, majestic volcanoes, and healing hot springs. Visit in the summer to take advantage of the midnight sun to maximize your time, or in the winter for the best chance to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking northern lights.

Opportunities abound to take advantage of helicopter tours, backcountry hiking, off-roading, caving, whale watching, diving, snowmobiling, rafting, or horseback riding, all in some of the most pristine and stunning landscapes on earth. Or, simply relax and enjoy the vistas from a tour, capped off by an evening in the rejuvenating hot spring waters of the Blue Lagoon. Iceland is consistently ranked the safest country in the world, making it an easy destination for families or inexperienced travelers. Many visitors report feeling a sense of calmness and serenity as they traverse the country’s wild landscapes.