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New Zealand

Adventure in Aotearoa

The mystical land of New Zealand draws thrill seekers and nature lovers from every corner of the planet to experience its otherworldly landscapes and relaxed, inviting culture. The entire country of New Zealand is a geologic wonder, with tall craggy mountain peaks, alpine lakes, endless beaches, wine regions, geothermal lands, and lush rainforest all bordering each other within two compact islands. There are few if any other places on earth that offer such a diverse and spectacular display of nature in such a compact area.

For most visitors to New Zealand the main attraction is its unspoiled wilderness. Whether you’re up for a weeklong trek in the backcountry or just a relaxed day hike, there are endless options through varied terrains that will satisfy even the most well-traveled explorer. The stunning small city of Queenstown located on the South Island is called “the adventure capital of the world,” and naturally draws thrill seekers from faraway lands to sky dive, bungee jump, river raft, trek, ski, mountain bike, and partake in quite possible any adventure activity imaginable, all within the pristine landscapes of western Otago.

Those with less of a penchant for adrenaline rushes will find plenty of ways to relax and appreciate New Zealand. Luxury properties such as The Resurgence Ecolodge set in the world famous Abel Tasman National Park allow visitors to appreciate their natural surroundings while enjoying five-star accommodations and views, fine dining and spas. New Zealand also offers unique cultural experiences for visitors to learn more about the native Maori culture, through performances, visits to Maori villages, and tours led by Maori guides whose ancestors have lived on the same lands for thousands of years. Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand, and you will note that Maori names and words are still commonly used by all New Zealanders.

Whether you’re traveling for a family trip, to get your fill of adventure, or just to get away from it all, New Zealand is a welcoming, easy to navigate destination that will leave you coming back for more.