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Sangria in Sevilla

The land of sangria and paella, Picasso and Dali, flamenco and sevillanas, castles and palaces, is an enchanting place. The combination of Spain’s history with its modern-day joie de vivre capture the hearts of many visitors. World-class museums such as the Prado in Madrid, the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and the Guggenheim in Bilbao will delight those who appreciate exquisite collections of both classical and modern art. And it goes without saying that soccer fans will be right in their element!

Each region in Spain has its own character and culture, and several even have their own languages. Visitors to cities in the southern region of Andalucia often comment that it’s then that they feel as though they’ve really experienced Spain. Moorish courtyards brimming with orange trees dot the landscape, and passionate flamenco dancers bring the bars alive at night. Easter is a special time to visit Andalucia, when locals have holidays for the annual Feria de Sevilla brings days of lively processions and parties to the streets. All roads lead to Spain’s capital and largest city, Madrid, directly in the center of the country. On the east coast the cities of Valencia and Barcelona offer the hard to beat Mediterranean vibes similar to the south of France or the Italian riviera.

Spain has emerged as a must-visit destination for foodies throughout the 2000s. Cutting edge chefs such as Ferran Adrià placed Spain firmly on the map. Winding your way through narrow cobblestone streets, hopping from one bar to the next tasting the local wines and ciders while sampling each establishment’s tapas specialty is a favorite pastime; so much so that there is even a verb to describe this: tapear. 

Sports, history, food, nightlife, and beaches… Spain seemingly has it all, and for that reason makes a wonderful family or group vacation destination where everyone can indulge. Foray Founder Sarah Lang lived in Spain for a period of time and is fluent in Spanish. She makes it her personal mission to ensure that all of her clients leave Spain completely enamored!

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