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Lake Bled, Slovenia


At Foray, we’ve always believed that travel is an opportunity to make a positive contribution to this planet we share, rather than being a detriment to it. In every aspect of our business, our overarching goal is to create the most memorable experience for you while doing everything possible to minimize the impact it creates on the environment and surrounding local communities. Oftentimes traveling to exotic locales or producing spectacular events is synonymous with excess or waste, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We wouldn’t be in this business if it did! As with many other industries, there has been a growing movement to promote travel and events that are planned with sustainability at the forefront. More and more, our clients prefer a style of sustainable, environmentally conscious travel, which is in line with our own corporate values.

Sustainability is a buzzword that can take many forms when it comes to travel – it could mean buying carbon credits to offset your travel, or supporting local tour operators that provide safe working conditions and living wages. We appreciate not only the motivation behind sustainable experiences, but also the extra creativity it adds to the design process. As with every experience we design we’ll discuss your motivation and goals and design a custom experience that incorporates your unique values. We’ve even found that our clients who design with sustainability in mind comment that those extra touches helped make the experience that much more special.

The bottom line is that Foray is committed to the highest level of sustainable and ethical travel and events, and we love to work with individuals and brands that share that commitment.