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What's On Your Wanderlist™?

Wanderlist is an innovative online platform for travel consultants and their clients. Just as a financial advisor helps you craft a long-term plan to achieve your financial goals, your certified travel advisor helps you create a roadmap of future travels and experiences to ensure that you maximize your leisure time.

In consultation with our expert travel designers, we will collaborate with you to maximize your most valuable, non-renewable asset: your time. The goal of the Wanderlist® travel portfolio is to map out your bucket list, transforming your travel dreams from a wish into a plan.

Virtuoso Wanderlist® is a fun and intelligent resource that saves time, money and most importantly, offers the peace of mind knowing you will achieve your travel dreams.​​

Why Create A Wanderlist?

How It Works

The process begins with each traveler curating their own interests on their phone, tablet or computer. This immersive walk around the world offers a fun way to capture insights your designer will use to create your travel portfolio.

Your journey continues with your own customized “Netflix” style travel portal. Get lost for hours exploring exotic lands and carefully selected experiences tailored to your specific interests.

After analyzing each travelers' results, your designer will collaborate with you to create your travel portfolio. You'll find this thoughtful approach saves time, money and allows you to rest easy knowing you will fulfill your dreams.

Wanderlist includes a full suite of services including unlimited access to the online portal, reporting analytics and tools to understand all of your family’s travel dreams and preferences, a full suite of advisory services, and Virtuoso travel perks and privileges worldwide! Click below to learn more.