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Ever the explorer and organizer, Sarah embarked on a solo sabbatical traveling around the world in 2017. Thirteen months later she returned home, having visited her 60th country, and embarked on a new journey of entrepreneurship to help others experience the wonders of the world and above all, the transformative power of travel.

Today, she's known as a go-to advisor in Silicon Valley and beyond for her unmatched personal destination expertise, deep relationships with the world's best hoteliers and tour operators, and ability to always stay one step ahead of her jetsetting clients. She frequently works with family offices and executives to curate one of a kind journeys with insider access that only comes with a personal relationship.

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Managing investments of precious time and money requires the strategy and flawless execution of a dedicated professional. We’ve designed our business to provide high-touch customer service to a very small number of clients who place personal relationships and unique, memorable travel experiences at a premium. Our job is to minimize the burden, time, and uncertainty that can come with travel planning and design.

As a member of Virtuoso, the industry’s leading luxury travel network, we’re able to offer VIP reservations at thousands of the world’s top hotels and resorts. This invitation-only organization unites select travel consultants with over 1,000 of the world’s best travel suppliers and premier destinations. Relationships with the finest travel brands and operators provide our clients exclusive amenities, rare experiences, and privileged access.

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There’s something about Bali that enraptures visitors and brings them back again and again… and again. Everyone in Bali talks about it, but no one can seem to pinpoint what exactly is that je ne sais quoi that captures the hearts of visitors to Bali. I've spent months in Bali over the course of five trips since 2017 -- it truly feels like my second home.

From boutique private villas, to stunningly luxurious clifftop resorts, to ecolodges in sacred jungle river valleys, it’s easy to satisfy everyone’s desires and sample a piece of each part of the island. Adventure seekers will also love Bali’s waterfalls, canyons, surf beaches, and volcanic treks.

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The relentless sun beats down, the sounds of son music weave in and out of cafes, and the mojitos flow freely. There is nowhere quite like La Habana. Beyond Havana, the unique Afro-Caribbean identity in Cuba’s second city, Santiago de Cuba, tour a cigar factory in Trinidad, or experience some of the most spectacular scuba diving in the Caribbean. 

We often receive inquiries from Americans who are understandably confused about what the US government sanctions on Cuba mean for tourists. You’ve come to the right place! We specialize in Cuba travel, as it is absolutely one of our favorite destinations in the world and we’ve made it our mission to help as many people experience and fall in love with Cuba the way we have.

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There’s just something about being under that big Wyoming sky, with the looming 12,000 foot high mountain peaks, the rivers and streams babbling through, and the endless prairies blowing in the breeze. At a luxury ranch like Brush Creek Ranch, you feel utterly removed from the stresses of everyday life and the traffic, noise, pollution and everything else that comes hand in hand with city life. Yet with full cell reception, fast internet, luxurious accommodations, and the best chefs, bartenders and sommeliers you could dream of – you’re sure not to miss anything about your urban lifestyle.


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Did you know that boats are the most common mode of transportation in Greenland? An expedition cruise to Greenland is a rare adventure through the fjords of the world's largest island, 80% of which is covered by an ice sheet.

Boutique expedition cruise ships navigate fjords with glimmering glaciers and unspoiled nature where you may be the first to set foot, after a quick zodiac boat or helicopter ride to shore. Combined with fascinating Inuit culture and fabulous onboard amenities, an Arctic expedition cruise is sure to create unique, lasting memories.

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Groundbreaking recent studies show that the feeling of awe can have a profoundly positive impact on our health and wellbeing. The awe and wonder that I have felt while stumbling upon curious monks in Myanmar wanting to practice their English, sailing through an untouched fjord and helicopter onto the Greenland ice sheet, and going behind the scenes at the morning fish market auction in Japan are feelings that I cherish and will never forget.

I have dedicated my career to becoming the trusted expert resource to intrepid travelers who also seek to feel in awe of our vast and great planet.

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